Surf Lessons


Private Surf Lessons:

Explore our most popular lesson option! Enjoy the ultimate learning experience with our private one-on-one lessons, designed to maximize personalized attention for both beginners and experienced surfers. Our dedicated surf instructors tailor each class to your individual needs, ensuring you get the most out of every lesson.

    Group Surf Lessons:

    Discover the fun of learning together with our group lessons, perfect for siblings or friends wanting to embark on a surfing adventure side by side. While benefiting from personalized attention from one instructor, the shared experience of group lessons adds an extra element of enjoyment as you and your companion progress in surfing skills together!

    Event Surf Lessons:
    Elevate your parties and events with our large group lessons! If you're planning an event and envision the thrill of surfing as part of the experience, our large group lessons are the perfect choice. Tailored to accommodate various group sizes, these lessons feature multiple instructors, ensuring that everyone, regardless of the crowd size, gets the attention needed to catch those waves and create lasting memories!

    Surf Lesson Rates

    Private Surf Lesson - $80 per person / 1 Hour 

    Group Surf Lessons - $70 per person / 1 Hour 

    Event Surf Lessons - Contact us directly to discuss prices!


    • Do I need to bring my own surfboard? We have a wide variety of surfboards to choose from here at the Nomad Surf Shop so it is not necessary to bring one! However, if you have a specific board that you would like to bring and use during the lesson feel free to do so! If not the instructors will have boards for you to use!
    • What should I bring to the surf lesson? We suggest bringing water, sunscreen, a towel, and a rash guard for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
    • Where do the lessons take place? Lessons are conducted on the beach behind Nomad Surf Shop. For parties and large groups, you have the flexibility to choose the beach that suits your preferences.
    • What is the age minimum for surf lessons? There is no age limit! We just ask that the student is a good swimmer and ready for some fun!